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Lightweight [Travel]

Please go through this list twice carefully. Check it no later than a few weeks before departure to make sure you have everything (NOTE: for many legs immunizations and/or visas are required and often require more time to complete, so get on it early).

All of the gear you’ll need on our expeditions should fit into two bags: preferably a soft-sided foldable duffel bag and a small day pack. No large hard case luggage, or metal framed backpacks, please. Wheeled baggage is fine as long as it can collapse and be stored

Go light – you will use a lot less than you think. Each person will have a private locker for clothes and toiletries. 

Current [Discovery Inventory] (update 07/12)

SUP Boards: 5x Inflatable 11’2 x32
Pumps: Plenty, do not bring your own
Snorkeling Gear: Decent range of fins, masks, and snorkels (bring your own if you are in doubt)
Fishing Gear: Three excellent rods, reels, hand lines, large range of lures
Spearfishing Gear: Two standard reef guns.
Diving Gear: 200 and 300 bar compressor, 2x 220 bar bottles, 4x 300bar bottles, regulators, BCDs, fins, masks

Yakuzi: a 4-persons inflatable yakuzi with jets and heater on the front deck.

Communications: We have wireless broadband internet onboard and you have the option of using this plan for a fee
220-volt power is available in each cabin for shavers, laptops, and recharging batteries.

If you wish to purchase anything from our partners (shipped directly to you) we have an account which allows our MEMBERS to purchase at considerable discount. Let us know if you are interested.

Tropical [Clothing]

Rain [Gear]

Comfy [Footwear]

Miscellaneous [Needs]

Do Not [Bring]

Visa [Requirements]


Most of us are queasy, if not seasick for the first 24-48 hours of any sail. Eliminating coffee and increasing water intake greatly reduces the chance of seasickness and dehydration. It depends from what country you live what medicins are available. Barbara is happy to help you with that part. To prevent seasickness you can take tablets based on Chlorpheniramine or you can use Cinnarizine patches. Once you are sick you can take metoclopramide or domperidone, if possible together with cinnarizine. 


As with any remote adventure, we ask that you consult your doctor and obtain a broad-spectrum oral antibiotic (Azithromycine, Amoxicilline, Flucloxacilline) for treating travelers’ diarrhea, skin, throat, eye, or ear infections before joining us. Please visit The Center for Disease Control to determine if you need any immunizations at least 3 months before the trip to our planned location. Do not rely on us to have antibiotics on board. We are not physicians and do not like to administer antibiotics in the field.

The [Optional] Stuff

Scuba [Diving]

We have a full-blown dive setup aboard Discovery. Air compressor for both 200 and 300 bar bottles, BCD’s and regulators provided by Mares, and top of the bill fins and masks. You’re in good hands. In certain regions, we work with regional dive centers to operate our diving activities. Oxygen supply is aboard of Discovery in case of emergency.

What You [Need to Know]

Here are a few things to understand before you come aboard so there are no surprises:

And a few rules you should familiarize yourself with: