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Reservations to join the Discovery offshore odyssey can only be made by Members. If however there are cabins open on our itinerary, feel free to enquire with us about joining the trip.

Terms and [Conditions]


Each leg begins and ends at 12 noon on the day stated in the schedule. Our arrival in the port of destination is generally one day early to allocate the necessary time for customs clearance and provide you time to reconfirm airline tickets, pack up, and do some exploring. 

Please plan on arriving at least 24 hours before the start of your voyage. Spend the night(s) in a hotel, so that you’ll have a chance to get over jet lag and be well rested and acclimatized when you come aboard. 

This extra day(s) means less chance of holding up the start of the trip because of late flights or baggage. You may want to consider planning a night or more ashore at our destination, before flying home.