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Our passion should be the foundation for our giving. Life is never as amazing as when love fills our hearts. 

The special moments we create for our loved ones are life-changing. 

A gift of a lifetime

Celebrate [Life]

When you can give a sunset as a present, stay up all night under the southern stars, share a bottle of wine on the white sands of an uninhabited island, swim naked with manta rays, disturbed only by the seagulls.

We believe that sailing is the experience of ultimate freedom! Once you step onboard of Discovery the world changes, actually, the world stays the same, but you change.

A shift happens in your consciousness; it’s a radical shift. In just a few seconds you become a wind loving, treasure seeking explorer, your back straightens out, your mind calms down and there is a clear purpose in your movements.

transend into a new you

Reborn & [Revive]

You will look at the horizon with a new expectation – with a strangely beautiful longing. Nothing,  absolutely nothing, compares to this exhilarating feeling of  absolute ultimate freedom once the wind touches your face.

Leave every detail of your journey to our team, who will curate an utterly bespoke experience for you based on your interests and desires.

Contact us to reserve or explore ways to tailor your journey.

Nautical etiquette and symbols

Our [Emblem]

The fleur de lis, a stylized flower with French origins, has been used for centuries because of its design and symbolism. It has a long and rich history. You’ll likely recognise the symbol, which typically has three petals attached at the base. 

The fleur de lis has been around for centuries — it even appears in relics from ancient civilisations. The fleur de lis is an iconic symbol that permeates modern culture. You can find the design at the top of fence posts, on the north point of a compass, on the pattern of fabrics, and in the details of countless designs. In a religious context, it may denote purity.

We took inspiration for the use of the fleur de lis in our logo from the north point of a compass. To us, it symbolises our reliability and, like a compass, we lead the way.

s y Offshore Expedition v1-01
“In the landscape of each and every human imagination lies one special place. Our inner compass keeps pointing us toward this spot, which is magnetic, mysterious, exotic, and alluring, but, alas, always fringed by a frontier of our fears. Still, it is to this specific place that we are compelled to travel in order to know ourselves and, in so doing, call our lives complete.”

Our [Partners]