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About our sailing adventure

A Sailors' [Tale]

Welcome to the new rich. We don’t care about your house, designer brand, the car you drive or other material possessions. All we care about is being debt free, having time and living experiences. 

We're a community of sailing enthusiasts, travelers and adventurers of all breed. Our adventure is a seafaring expedition to seek out the world’s most remote and dynamic sailing, dive, kite, and surf locations. A journey to experience native cultures in their natural state.

To consciously explore the oceans of the world with passion, integrity, and sensitivity to the cultures and ecosystems we inhabit. Our adventure is a five-year sailing expedition that begins in September 2023.

You can be part of this adventure and opt-in for a membership that entitles you to a minimum of 3 trips throughout our expedition to the most remote spots the Earth has to offer. Pick your preferred location or time. So book your first awesome adventure, then your next and your next and your next!

We love the ocean smell

The Salty [Tang]

We are water men and women who are passionate about exploring some of the few remaining untouched areas of the world – and we’re doing it in style. Style to us means doing the things we love while operating as sustainably and as mindfully as we can of our natural environment. 

We aim to operate Discovery, our catamaran at nearly carbon-neutral, and go to places few people get a chance to seeWe can all speak out for change — and for some of us, the Ocean is where we find our voice.

“Somehow it is the human’s duty to put the best years of their life into work they don’t like in order that they may ‘retire’ and enjoy themselves as soon as they are too old to do so.”

Join Our Unmatched [Membership] Structure

We operate a five-year sailing adventure where one membership entitles our members to three trips during the duration of the expedition and to one annual trip minimum. We are responsible for providing exceptional service and support to members and managing and maintaining Discovery to exacting standards.

Our [Partners]