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We Love Answering Your [Important] Questions

We have carefully selected a list of questions that you still may have after reading our website. We hope to have your question covered in this section. If not, please do reach out and send us an email or a Whatsapp. We typically answer within minutes.

Who are we?

Redwind BV is a management company, formed years ago to operate expeditions by sea. Discovery Expeditions is the name of our collaborative expeditions from 2007-2023 with diving and surfing adventures.

What kind of trips are offered each year?

Over 30 legs, ranging between 6 and 28 days in length of diving and surfing in paradise, sailing the unknown, surfing where none ever have before. See our schedule.

How is the yearly itinerary determined?

An expedition by sail is not an exact science, but the ways of ancient navigation still make sense today, and we have more than 20 years of intimate experience of all the major ocean routes. We start very generally by studying cyclone seasons, wind, currents, almanacs, pilot guides, cruising guides, etc. Then we take into account good places to lay the boat up for maintenance each year (cost and services). Then we start penciling a route, doing more specific research by any means available on each location: anchorages, ports, provisioning, airports, previous experience, etc. Then we hand off the itinerary to your travel concierge who researches exactly when and how you can get out to and from the boat, which leads to inevitable tweaks in dates and locations. Once the dates and locations are hard-wired then the real research begins- we tap into local knowledge, other cruising reports, study the charts, Google Earth. And of course- we rely on our own past experience, which of course is known only to us!

Creating the itinerary is without doubt one of the most arduous and yet exciting elements of the expedition.

I'm a beginning diver, surfer. Will the expedition work for me?

Very few of our trips will be oriented around those wanting to learn, because many places we dive or ride are not suitable. You should have minimum a 2*CMAS or PADI AOW certification. For kitesurfing we would advise to take intensive courses beforehand and make sure you can stay upwind. 

I'm not into diving and surfing but like the concept- can I join?

Absolutely. Many of our members and guests do not dive or surf and there’s always plenty of opportunity for sailing, paragliding, snorkeling, freediving, shore excursions, photography…

Why choose this adventure over a charter?

A number of reasons: charters are only offered in very confined regions- areas that are hardly “remote”; boats used in charter are equipped with the bare minimum of accoutrements, and maintained at a basic level; charter crews are not versed in diving or surfing and don’t know where to take their guests; our cuisine is world class…The list goes on and on. The journey is an expedition to find the most remote and idyllic places to explore, sail, kite, surf, and SUP the world has to offer. We are a private boat, going to incredible places with an amazing group of passionate people. Discovery offshore is absolutely a first-class operation, operated by the world’s foremost experts in ocean-based adventure travel. Charters are a small boat version of a cruise, which couldn’t be more different from how we operate. Ask anyone who has done both!

How much does it cost?

Memberships start at 2,500 € to join and can be traded, sold, gifted or inherited*. This is a one-time fee. Annual fees start at 1,690 €. The daily provissioning fee covers all the operational expenses of the yacht (food, clearance, maintenance, fuel, insurance, etc.).

What happens if I can't make a trip?

In the event the Member does not wish to use his/her membership in a particular season, the Member must still pay their annual fees regardless of the reason. The trip can be transferred to a friend or family member for a fee*, or as long as Redwind is given no less than 90 days notice the operator shall exercise reasonable efforts to re-market the Members trip for that particular Membership Season and will remit to the Member 90% of any funds received for the re-marketed membership. For the avoidance of doubt the Operator makes no representation that it can re-market the membership.

*Please refer to the Membership contract for details.

Can non-members join the expedition?

In very rare circumstances yes- but only if a member cancels a cabin and it needs to be resold. We are not a charter operation and only allow people to board who are friends or family of our members and have been properly screened in advance.

Is the yacht insured?

At all times. A full comprehensive blue water plan covers the asset, crew, membership value, and our members. There is no personal liability in joining the expedition whatsoever. However, trip cancellation insurance and trip health insurance are highly recommended.

Why do you use pictures without anyone visible?

We know that most of our members value their privacy. We support their ideas and won't use any pictures where individuals can be identified. We take pride in protecting your lifestyle, life and privacy.

When and where do we travel?

We will circumnavigate the world over the course of five years, seeking the best spots. There will be an emphasis on the Pacific Ocean as the scope, wind, waves, underwater critters, and scenery are better there than anywhere else. Trust us! Our itinerary is developed 12 months in advance to allow members plenty of time for planning their trip.

How long does the sailing expedition last?

The expedition lasts five years from our launch in September 2023. Membership will expire at the termination of the expedition. 

What amenities are on board/ can I expect to use?

Please check out the What to Bring Page.

What if I want out?

The Operator (Redwind BV) is given first rights to buy out your membership(s) at market value. If the Operator does not want your membership(s), you are free to sell it/them on the open market, but any new member must be screened and approved by us.
Please refer to the membership contract for details.

What is the difference between the memberships (Offshore, Offshore Flex, and Limitless Flex)?

Please see the Membership Levels page for the cost and structure differences of our memberships. BUT ALL MEMBERS can always take extra trips in any given year if there is space. Your membership guarantees you a certain number of trips, more can always be purchased for an additional annual fee.

What is the `Reciprocal Member to Member Open Cabin Program'

If we have any cabins open due to last-minute cancellations (inside of 60 days from departure), they can be booked by Offshore Flex members for 75% off the normal annual fee. Offshore Flex and Limitless Flex can book last minute cabins for 50% off the normal annual fee.

Can the boat be booked privately?

Yes. As 1 membership represents 1 bed and we have 4 guest cabins, you can purchase a LIMITLESS FLEX membership to book the boat privately each season and bring whomever you want and up to 8 people.

How do I reserve a trip?

Time requests will be submitted near the middle of the season for the next season’s sailing (December of each year) and all be handled on our reservations page. Time can be swapped with other members. 

What if something happens to the crew or the boat for our trip?

It would be very unusual for a trip to have to be cancelled. In the unlikely event that we experience health issues with the crew, or we have a critical breakdown that cannot be repaired in time for sailing, your trip will be cancelled and rescheduled at a convenient time. We recommend trip insurance which covers cancellation.

How do you handle medical emergencies?

Firstly, we are trained in wilderness first response and we have a very comprehensive medical kit on board for most eventualities. However, if outside help is needed we have an on-call medical doctor in Belgium which we can contact anytime via satellite phone. We also have 24 hour broadband internet access. Travel insurance is a MUST and NEEDS to cover evacuation. This insurance is mandatory for all our members.

Will we be sharing our time with any other members or guests?

Discovery typically sails with all 4 member cabins booked. Some members will want to have the yacht for themselves for a period of time. By selling memberships on a per bed basis you have the added flexibility to trade time with other members so it will be possible to have the yacht exclusively one year and perhaps choose to sail with other members another year. Limitless members have the boat privately and can bring anyone they want.

As members, can we bring guests or kids?

As one membership equals one cabin, the easiest way to ensure you can bring others is to buy another membership. Short of this, we anticipate several members will not be able to take their trips for various reasons some years, in which case they would post their trip as available, and you could then buy that trip from them. If you have children that are under 15 years of age, you have to be a Limitless Flex member and have the boat privately to bring them as we have found younger kids may not be appreciated by other guests.

Who is in charge of the expedition?

Redwind BV will be in charge of all aspects of management, running the yacht and developing the yearly itinerary.

How are we protected from the Captain and Crew leaving?

In the unlikely event that we need to leave for medical or other reasons, we have two back-up crews who have run Discovery in the past. Acceptable replacements will then be found in a timely manner.

As members, can we be liable for injuries on board?

No. Our insurance policy will have medical and third party liability coverage and as we are incorporated, you cannot be held liable for anything in relation to the operation of the yacht.

Can I leave my membership(s) in my will?

Absolutely. But please note that annual fees must be paid each year or the membership expires.

Do you have any references?

Yes, many. We can get you in touch with any of our owners that were with us on previous offshore trips. We can also put you in touch with the CEO’s of any of our sponsors, or any of the dozens and dozens of people who have been out with us in the past 20 years.

What about a contract?

You will be sent one upon acceptance of your application which spells out in detail all the responsibilities of the Operator (Redwind BV) and User (you!).

I'm ready to join, what now?

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