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Adventures aboard of Discovery

Your [Journey] Matters More Than The Destination

It’s really a "travel through time" journey, anywhere you go. Adventures are literally everywhere both onshore and offshore.

We believe travelling on board of Discovery to the world's most remote locations offers you life changing experiences. And we have done so for more than two decades.

Take a look at all adventures you can experience with us and if what you find is exactly what you’ve been looking for, contact us. Or if you’ve already made your decision, apply to join. We'll see you on the high seas!


Diving & [Snorkeling]

We’ve spent a lifetime exploring our blue planet above and below the oceans. Diving and snorkeling is in our DNA and we simply love water! The world underneath the surface is our passion and we like to share the exploration of the oceans with scuba divers, free divers, and adventure snorkelers. Adventurers from all over the world are sure to enjoy all the unique sites found during the quest.

We partner with local 5* dive centers to connect with the local dive scene. They pick you up in the morning and deliver you back on Discovery after exploring the local waters. Offshore and night dives are led by us. Snorkeling is possible directly from Discovery at any given time. 

We operate state-of-the-art dive equipment and have oxygen aboard. We charge 75€ per dive day for dives organized by us. (unlimited dives)

We recommend you a DAN insurance

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    Nomad [Life]

    The 170+ lush Polynesian islands dotting the Pacific Ocean, lined by white sand beaches topped with tropical rainforests are what we envision when dreaming of an exotic paradise.

    But the Pacific islands hold an even more incredible beauty beneath their warm, clear blue waters. It is without a doubt the best place on earth to experience swimming with remarkable ocean titans

    We have designed our expedition especially for travelers who want to travel “deeper” into enchanted, remote places. Meet incredible marine life and enjoy only the most spectacular dive sites the world has to offer, and no one went before! This is the ideal way of cruising for active travelers who are curious about the unknown.

    Discovery is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment allowing for a variety of dives, as well as snorkeling and kayaking in literally every corner of the world. Apply and meet us when and where you want. 


    Diving & Snorkeling

    It is all about being in the water and experiencing the magical underwater world of the Caribbean and the South Pacific. It’s exciting, exotic, and breathtaking!

    Explore the underwater delights in complete safety.


    Whether you’re looking to take a gap year surf trip or want to head off the beaten track in search of empty perfection we’ve hand-picked some of the best surf spots from around the globe.

    We’ve got something to inspire you!

    SUP Exploration

    We use boards to access people and places others can't reach and leave a positive ripple in our wake. You will learn how to read the ocean. From the current and winds to local marine biology.

    Experience the ocean as never before!


    [Freedive] Sessions

    There is a special feeling when your mind shuts off, your senses come alive, and you let yourself be cradled by the sea.

    Freediving is considered by many to be the purest form of diving. Imagine feeling weightless and completely relaxed. No heavy equipment on your back, no loud bubbles – just you, the ocean, and its beautiful silence.

    As you sink beneath the waves you become one with the water and begin to absorb the vast beauty around you. 

    The stress of the world above drips away as fish curiously flutter around taking you in as one of their own. We welcome trained and certified free divers for a trip with us to the true deep blue. Come and spearfish with us.

    “Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

    [SUP] Adventures

    Using our years of experience putting sailing expeditions together we’ve designed a unique travel experience specifically for the stand-up paddler

    We can offer adventurers warm water, golden sand, and one of the most vibrant beach cultures in the world to put together great paddle sessions.

    We tailor each trip according to your wants and expertise. We have six inflatable SUP boards that will bring you to the most epic spots whether it is long-distance or just a short paddle session.

    Paddleboarders can take advantage of the trade winds to cover long distances as long as they get back before diner.